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    Carrara is located in the upper left corner of TUSCANY, just south of the Mediterranean province of Liguria, only 10 km from the coast. The marble from this part of Italy emerged from ancient sea life and was then geologically thrust upwards to form the Apuan Mountains. It is known to be the best in the world, also attracting the best sculptors in the world to work this precious material. It is impossible say the words Carrara or marble without including the most famous sculptor who frequented these mountains: MICHELANGELO. Certainly the mountains and the city of Michelangelo’s time have changed somewhat, but the character of this place, Carrara and the villages surrounding it, remain much the same as in his day. The culinary traditions, the light reflected in the white marble mountains and the tranquillity of the area feel as vibrant as it ever was.

    Galleria Ars Apua believes in offering our guests the timeless qualities of the local area in a unique and dynamic landscape, nestled in privacy among grape vines, sculpture and chestnut forests in the shadows of these revered mountains.

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